In time for National Poetry Day which is on Thursday October 6,  Trowbridge Town Hall was delighted to receive in the post, a hand-written poem by Trowbridge resident Cyril, and a poem sent in by email from Joan.

It’s not every day the Town Hall receives a poem in the post!


Both poems will be on display in the Town Hall foyer on National Poetry Day, Thursday, 6th October.

Cyril’s handwritten poem – come to see it on display in Trowbridge Town Hall

In addition, children from eleven local schools will be working with poet Josephine Corcoran and artist Ben Midgley to write and illustrate their message-themed poems. Also, a team of friendly poets and artists will gather at the Town Hall to work on their own poems and encourage any visitors to do the same. The Town Hall will be open from 11am – 4pm. More details at Trowbridge Arts.
Thank you so much, Cyril!

Thank you, Cyril and Joan for your poems!


by Joan Hawkes

Supposing I wanted to contact you, I wonder what way would be best?
My carrier pigeon is ancient and is always demanding a rest.
Would smoke signals be visible from afar, or do you remember your morse?
A heliograph is a splendid device, but only in sunshine of course.
Your stickers are useful to give your address but a mobile text number is missing.
Could you manage transmission by thought, or should
I just imagine us kissing? (chastely, of course!).