You might like to know about a free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)  Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (“ModPo”) created by the University of Pennsylvania and taught by Al Filreis.  Enrolment is open  now and the course starts on September 10th.

I signed up for this course when it was first offered in 2012 and I thoroughly loved taking part.  Students read a wide range of poems which are all provided online.  The filmed seminars, with Al Filreis and a team of teaching assistants discussing the work being studied that week, are fascinating and engaging.  There are very lively forums to take part in, if you want to, and assessments are peer-reviewed.  I wrote a few blog posts about my experience of learning online which I posted at my blog.  Here’s the first one I wrote about taking the course  30,000 STUDENTS BUT NO-ONE HAS TO SHARE A DESK!

No prior experience or knowledge of poetry is required for this MOOC.  Entry requirements are best explained by ModPo’s course notes:

Who is this class for: ModPo is for those who are new to poetry. And it is for those who have always loved poetry but not yet studied modern and/or experimental poetry. And it is also for poets and critics and teachers who want to see what happens when a community of thousands come together to talk about poems such folks already know well. In short: ModPo will work, in some way, for anyone and everyone!

I’m looking forward to being a ModPo student again this year and will no doubt mention some of what I learn if I meet you at Town Hall Poets.  I’ll probably post a few updates here or over on my blog.  Let me know if you’re going to take part!  Sign up for free and find out a bit more here.